The Benefits To Your Company

Learn The Many Benefits Of Training & Certifying Your Employees

1. Gain A Competitive Advantage

Separate your company from your competitors by offering your consumer clients greater value by employing trained and certified company representatives.

2. Display Professional Graphics

We provide you with a variety of professional logos and banners to proudly display on your website and in your marketing materials.

3. CSLP Accredited Service Center

Participating Companies can link to the IAPDA CSLP website (Accredited Service Center Page)...and can display the IAPDA Accredited Service Center Pop Up window on their website.

4. Be included in the Online Public Database

All those successfully completing their CSLP certification are included in the online and public searchable IAPDA Certified Student Loan Professionals database.

5. Easy Scheduling - 100% Online

The certification training module is easy to follow and does not over challenge so scheduling your rep's certifications is a breeze, training is completed 100% online (at your own pace) with online certification exam when ready.

6. Gain Consumer Confidence

Encouraging your employees to earn a professional certification will tell your clients that your company holds its staff to the highest professional standards and will take very good care of them. Your clients will feel safer and more secure knowing they’re in certified hands.

7. Gain Happier Employees

Assisting your team in obtaining CSLP industry designations shows them you share in their desire to be the best they can be. People want to work for organizations that are invested in their professional development and committed to helping them take the next steps in their career. Employees also will feel noticed and valued by the company. This sense of value can go a long way in prompting them to want to stay, which reduces one of your biggest headaches and expenses — staff turnover.

8. Boost Company Productivity

Studies by a variety of organizations — including Microsoft, IDC, CompTIA and Novell — have shown that employees with a professional certification are more productive. That’s because certifications better prepare workers to deal with day-to-day challenges and get the most out of new challenges. Certified employees often work more efficiently than uncertified colleagues, and their presence can help improve the productivity of team projects.